Last day of Janathon!!

Wow – so it’s all over!? January actually went by so quickly! I’ve really enjoyed this challenge 🙂

On the last day of Janathon – I ran my usual route to work. Nothing special to report. Though I wanted to get in some extra miles so I decided to run home as well. I was feeling a bit fragile, as I’d run my longest ever run the day before. But I decided that I would just catch a bus from SheBu (half way) If I was struggling too much. Very tempted to bus it – and my bus was right there at the station when I got there, but I decided to push on. I ended up basically racing the bus all the way to Acton Town Hall – guess who won? haha 🙂 Good motivational tactic and added another 4.8miles to my total.

So here it is: 169miles, 28 hours, 29days (minus 2 days due to injury – dammit), culminating in me completing my longest run to date (11.2miles). Stoke4d with my achievements, i pushed myself harder than I thought I would and I really have started to enjoy my runs now. Thanks to the organisers – such a brilliant challenge. And massive congrats to all of the participants – I hope you’re all as proud of your results as I am 🙂


About rosieblue89

Blogging for Janathon!!! And training for a half Marathon in April in Prague :)
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