Last day of Janathon!!

Wow – so it’s all over!? January actually went by so quickly! I’ve really enjoyed this challenge 🙂

On the last day of Janathon – I ran my usual route to work. Nothing special to report. Though I wanted to get in some extra miles so I decided to run home as well. I was feeling a bit fragile, as I’d run my longest ever run the day before. But I decided that I would just catch a bus from SheBu (half way) If I was struggling too much. Very tempted to bus it – and my bus was right there at the station when I got there, but I decided to push on. I ended up basically racing the bus all the way to Acton Town Hall – guess who won? haha 🙂 Good motivational tactic and added another 4.8miles to my total.

So here it is: 169miles, 28 hours, 29days (minus 2 days due to injury – dammit), culminating in me completing my longest run to date (11.2miles). Stoke4d with my achievements, i pushed myself harder than I thought I would and I really have started to enjoy my runs now. Thanks to the organisers – such a brilliant challenge. And massive congrats to all of the participants – I hope you’re all as proud of your results as I am 🙂

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…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!………. :)

Finally did it!!!! I Cracked the 10 mile mark!! Very stoked 🙂 I actually didn’t even set out to do it on Sunday. I just felt pretty good and the sun was out and shining. I forgot what it’s like to hav a shaddow with you when you run… almost like a companion – hehe. Was nice. So I set off at around 2:30 (procrastinating slightly during the morning). I had actually planned a quick route before hand – headed down to Chiswick high street (which was lovely but really not the best day to run along – so many people out) then back up towards Acton, kept going up a steep hill to (an uninspiring) Western Ave, then back down past Action Main line station. Was feeling good so I did a quick loop of the local park to make sure I hit 10 miles. Got home and tracked my route: 11.2miles 🙂 yay!! (It did litterally feel like I was running for hours though) Not too much stress from the knees. Hopefully now, I’ll have a few days off and recover. Very happy with my run on Sunday 🙂

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Run 29…

Just a quick one for Saturday. Body feeling a bit stiff. I just did a couple of miles whilst running errands around my neighbourhood. Very easy… Not much else to say…

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Almost there…!

I am sorry! My blogs are just getting worse and worse… As I said before, it’s actually harder to write a blog everyday than it is to run! What to say today…..? Not a lot really. I could bang on about the fact that my knees are still sore. I could also mention that I ran my usual,  uninspiring route to work – 4.8miles and it took me aproximately 48mins. I could also talk about near misses with pedestrians and street cleaners. Very exciting stuff….!! I will say that I’m pretty excited that it’s almost over and I came so close to completing Janathon (2 days off but not out of Laziness!!). I’m still really happy with my efforts and look forward to continuing on after Jan – training for my 1st half marathon in April. 🙂 Congrats to everyone else too for their massive efforts so far and good luck in finishing off the last few days 🙂

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Day 27

Back to the running today!! I did my usual to work and I have to say that my right knee is still feeling slightly dodgy.. Not happy 😦 I’ll probably take it easy over the weekend, not push it too much. I had hope to run 10miles before Janathon was up (time is ticking!!!) so I might have a crack on Monday the 31st. We’re on the home stretch now!!! 🙂

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Second day of no running and it felt like I hadn’t run in ages! Very strange! Again, I walked to work at a fast pace. After work, I walked down to Oxford Street and over to the West end to meet friends for some drinks. I was hoping 2 days of no running would be enough to give my knees a good rest……

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day 25…..

So Tuesday was the first day that I had not run… I really wanted to , but I just don’t want to do any lasting damage to my knees. I felt fine to walk, so I walked to work in the morning and walked home – almost 3 hours of walking! So I still got some exercise in. I saw so many runners in the morning. It felt like more than usual, like they were all mocking me… hehe. I’m going to give it another day of rest and then hopefully I’ll see how the knees are feeling…

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